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Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Churchill

This sunny day brought me outside to enjoy the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Churchill, a cigar that had garnered some acclaim for its low price and great taste. The unevenly colored and very bumpy wrapper was plain ugly compared to most premium cigars. But we’re not to judge books by their covers, and that’s the case with this Alec Bradley. Once cut, the cold draw delivered subtle cocoa notes. And after lighting, those same cocoa notes got stronger. A canoe developed shortly after the light, and it continued even though I touched it up twice. Sometimes known for a tight draw, this sample drew perfectly. It also smoked much quicker than I expected, around the time it takes to smoke a six-inch stick. The intense cocoa flavors from the beginning began to wane throughout the smoking experience. I was left with a very light chocolate and tobacco taste by the end. At just over $5, this is a good buy. 

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