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Yes, this is one of the longest names in the industry. But, the name could be ten times as long and still not fully convey the unimaginable wonderfulness contained within. The somewhat tight cold draw of this exquisite toro reminded me of a vanilla latte. I used a torch lighter to bring the Siglo de Pasion to life. The complexity of the flavors is hard to put into words. Think high-end fruit cake with dried figs, apricots, spices, and nuts. At other times I distinctly picked up candy bar notes, like a Milky Way, with creamy caramel and nougat. And finally, I enjoyed a rich and creamy mocha finish. Oddly, the Gran Aniverxario lasted much longer than the 90 minutes I allotted – try two hours and forty-five minutes with no relighting. The draw was a little tight which added to the slow burn, but each puff brought forth plenty of smoke and flavor. Made in very limited quantities and virtually impossible to find at MSRP, this cigar should be saved for special occasions or when you’re treating yourself. Get your hands on one and enjoy it with a good bourbon or rum.

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