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AVO Improvisations LE19 Box-pressed Toro

This cigar has been aging in my humidor since June 2019. It was well worth the wait! The box-pressed toro featured a beautiful brunette wrapper and a classy copper double band. After a deep straight cut, I match lit the Avo. A few short puffs later and we were dancing.

The Avo LE19 didn’t need a second chance to make a good first impression. It was hitting on all cylinders from the go. By the time I finished the first 1/3, it settled into a medium body with a smooth draw. The retrohale was creamy and delivered light pepper and nougat.

Overall, construction was superb, with no relighting or touch-ups required. At $15, the AVO is expensive for an everyday smoke. It should be savored and brought out for a special occasion with friends or family. While the AVO LE19 was released last summer, plenty of online stores still offer it at MSRP or a little less. I recommend picking up a couple and aging them for 3-6 months. 

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