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Epicurean Gonzo Vintage 2007 Lancero

The Epicurean Gonzo Vintage 2007 came my way via StogieBird. Most men shy away from long lean cigars, but lanceros are my favorite vitola because I pick up a lot of flavors. And the Gonzo delivered an array of rich and delicious flavors. Pre-light, I enjoyed hints of cocoa and coffee. Post-light, flavors revealed themselves in three parts. Café au lait, a la the famous Café du Monde, dominated the first third. Next, I tasted milk chocolate and cream, like an opera cream candy. And the grand finale revealed, rich black cherry and dark chocolate truffle. Simply sublime. Every retrohale burst with fabulous flavor. Though the day was damp, the Gonzo showed superior construction, combustion, and airflow. If you can find it, grab a 5-pack before they’re gone.

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