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Espinosa Warzone Toro

The Espinosa Warzone Toro is a new collaboration between Espinosa and General Cigar, and it is limited to 3000 boxes. Wrapped in an unevenly colored, chocolate-hued African Cameroon wrapper, the cigar appears rough. The cold-draw left me lacking hope, as I could only pick up the flavor of dry toast. Once I got well into the first third, some subtle sugary cinnamon notes developed. These notes matured into more of a snickerdoodle, which was very pleasant. This particular stick did experience a wrapper rupture, but I was able to work through it and it didn’t affect the overall performance. The price at my local shop, at $6.95 is about $2 lower than the MSRP. In the end, the Warzone Toro proved to be a solid smoke and a decent value. For the buyer, there are lots of other options that provide more for the money. 

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