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Honor Among Thieves Trumpeta

Sinistro Cigars presents the Honor Among Thieves Trumpeta, a pyramid-shaped cigar with a flag cap reminiscent of Robin Hood’s distinctive headwear. After a shallow, angled straight cut, designed to preserve the pyramid’s combustion properties, the cold draw tasted of milk chocolate. The first half of the cigar supplied hot cocoa notes, plus ample amounts of creamy smoke. Initially, construction was strong, but by the halfway point, a canoe formed. A retouch cured the canoe, but then the cigar went out three times before the end. Despite these issues, flavors remained consistent. The last half transitioned into a latte flavor and black pepper and cinnamon presented themselves on the retrohale. Perhaps the construction issues were a one-off, but they’re enough for me to avoid this stick in the future.

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