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La Fortaleza Cinco 5

This was the first stick I pulled out of the pouch from StogieBird. The band was unfamiliar, so I was thankful the pack came with a sheet describing the cigars inside. The La Fortaleza Cinco 5 is from Rodrigo Cigars, a boutique firm owned by George Rodriguez. I was impressed by the solid construction and the pigtail end cap, though there were two blemishes on the wrapper. The cigar took to flame well and produced a generous volume of smoke. It took a good inch for me to discern the light caramel and cedar flavors. These flavors continued until the last third when I began to pick up some peppery notes. The Cinco 5 required no touch-ups or relights and it burned evenly for the duration. At around $7, this was a solid cigar, but it lacked the depth and complexity of competitors. 

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